Sample Letter

We offer a variety of letter styles to choose from, based on your chosen gift occasion. Don't see what you need? We are more than willing to develop a custom letter for your important occasion.

We print all letters and deliver them directly to you. Keep extras in your desk for unplanned gift opportunities, or hand them out to employees and clients for major gift-giving seasons.

Take a closer look at the text of the letter to see just some of the many customization possibilities we offer.

Customization Options Shown:

Your logo at the top of the letter--it's the first thing your recipients will see
Your customized web address (
Your company's name in the signature of the letter
Your company's signature (if desired)--already have a digital copy of a signature you would like used with the letter? Not a problem; we can add it to the letter. If you would rather sign your letters personally, we can also leave a blank signature area on each letter.

Other Available Customization Options not Shown:

Your logo on the Box
Your logo on the gift website
Your chosen gift occasion
The variety of fine gifts available--YOU pick which gifts your recipients will choose from

Don't see what you need? We want to make this process work for you. Please contact us to find out what else we can do for you.